Construction of bore wells, pumping stations, and water purification stations. Construction of buildings for pumping stations (metal, sandwich, or wooden structures; using bricks, blocks, concrete, or sheet metal), with concrete or plastic tanks and a water purification system, if necessary. We can provide also design work for environmental construction solutions.

Indoor piping of different materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, Alupex, PVC, galvanised steel, Wirsbo, etc.)

Cleaning (flushing and overpumping) of bore wells with a maximum depth of 60 m.

Sale and installation of deep-well pumps.

Sale and installation of water treatment equipment. Technical counselling and training.

Repair of the water treatment systems and equipment currently in operation.

Construction of secondary pumping stations.

Electrical and control engineering work for water treatment stations, including manufacture of switchboards, cabling, programming, tuning, and design.

Manufacture, construction, and installation of sewage pumping stations, storm water pumping stations, and booster stations for private and corporate customers. Manufacture of tailor-made sewage pumping stations equipped with required pumps, sensors, and automated control devices.

Manufacture and installation of storage tanks and septic tanks with construction of leaching beds and filtration areas. At request of customers, design and manufacture of tanks of varied sizes.

Design (in cooperation with our partners), construction, maintenance, and repair of sewage treatment plants ranging from small individual waste water treatment facilities to large urban waste water treatment plants, as well as related counselling services.

Delivery, installation and repair of the technical devices for sewage treatment plants, including sludge treatment equipment.

Cleaning of stabilization lagoons. Installation of geomembranes.

Construction of water piping and sewerage (in small scale). Installation of water piping and sewerage with all required connections, using either open or closed method.

Construction of supply points and connecting of new buildings to the existing water piping and sewerage.

Digging, excavation and earth works by crawler excavator and shovel loader; dumper services. Digging of trenches; digging and cleaning of drainage systems.

Construction of roads and squares (in small scale), building of boundary fences; landscaping. Installation of ground-source heating.