Pipe-Tech Plc was founded in 2013 in Kuressaare, Saaremaa Island, Estonia. Our area of activity is environmental construction, based on long-term experience and skills of the staff members several of whom are the former specialists of the companies Veemaailm INC and Arco Ehitus.

Our team:

Indrek Jalakas, Project Manager Tel. +372 523 3320 indrek@pipetech.ee
Margus Vahter, Technician  Tel. +372 508 7405 margus@pipetech.ee
Ulvi Avilo, Board Member Tel. +372 522 4522 ulvi@pipetech.ee

Area of activity

* Construction of wells, pumping stations and structures made of polyethylene;
* Construction of automatic step screens for small water treatment plants;
* Manufacture of varied non-corrosive structures used in environmental construction (e.g., T-pieces, elbow connections, non-standard pipe connections for wells and sewage treatment plants);
* Construction of pumping stations, water purification stations, and sewage treatment plants, including electrical and control engineering works;
* General construction work for water purification stations and sewage treatment plants;
* Installation of tanks, septic tanks, and leaching beds.